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Great Mosque of hammamet

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  • 14 02, 2016
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Great Mosque of hammamet

The Medina is full of gorgeously restored examples of traditional Tunisian architecture, but two of the most important buildings are the Great Mosque and the Sidi Abdel Kader Mosque which adjoin each other. The Great Mosque was built in the 15th century and restored in 1972. Its rectangular minaret is a particularly fine example of blend of Turkish and Moorish architectural styles. The Sidi Abdel Kader Mosque was built in 1798 and now functions as a Koran school for children. The price of admission grants you entrance into both mosques.

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The building of the Great Mosque dates back to the year 633 of the Hegira, (1236 AD), when the Hafsid ruler Abu Zakaria, driven by his will to end the Christian presence in the country and to secure the safety of the city, ordered the construction of the Great Mosque and the erection of ramparts around the city.

The building of the minaret, however, had been carried out during the year 868 H (1463 A.D), when the Hafsid Sultan Abu Amr Uthman ordered the rebuilding of the old fort, the restoration of the city ramparts and the erection of the Great Mosque's minaret.

Throughout the years, the Great Mosque has gone through several restoration works that were essentially meant to make the prayer room bigger and to embellish the minaret that stands proudly high over the Medina today.

Source: Hammamet the Memory of a City book, published by Association for the Safeguard of The Medina of Hammamet

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