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Camel riding in Hammamet

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  • 03 02, 2016
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Camel riding in Hammamet
Camel riding in Hammamet
Camel riding in Hammamet
Camel riding in Hammamet

Camel ride is a great fun for couples or families. You can get Camel ride in Hammamet most of the time on the beach early morning or late in the afternoon, a small 10 minutes tour will cost you about 10 TND.

If you like more adventure and a longer ride, you will have to book a ticket from the representative at your hotel it cost around 40 TND; and there will be a group ride, they will drive you up onto the hills above Hammamet or to a small village called Beni Ouaïl See here the map

The tour will lost about 2 hours, and at the top you will be served with complimentary drinks in a Bedouin tent and encouraged to dress up as Arabs and get our photos taken.

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