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  • 31 01, 2016
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Tipping is, for the most part, expected here for any type of service. Typical situations include hotel staff showing a guest to their room, and not leaving until they receive a tip.

Additionally, people who are not at work and not with their family who show you the way, will expect a tip most of the time.

Tipping is not quite obligatory in Tunisia. However, because the wait staff are often paid fairly low wages, it is the customary practice.

Tips are usualy 10% of what your meal costed or average for dinner is between 5 and 10 TND

Evaluate your service. The key is to objectively judge the service, and the service alone. If the food isn't good, the menu is sparse, the prices are outrageous, and/or the decor is appalling, all of this affects your dining experience, but is not the waiter's fault. If you're unhappy with it, don't patronize the restaurant again, or write a negative review somewhere. The service itself should be judged on:

  • How the food matched with your order,
  • Whether the food was hot and fresh from the kitchen (or not),
  • How attentive the server was to your needs,
  • How quickly your empty dishes were taken away,
  • How quickly it took to get your check and have your payment processed, and
  • Whether the server's demeanor was courteous and professional.

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