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In Tunisia you'll see men kissing each other on the chick. Tunisians are very curious, they will ask you a number of questions about your stay in Tunisia, about your work, how many times you visited…

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Getting around, you may want to remember few words:

Goodbye ... Bislemma
Formal Hello... as-salamo alaykum
Formal Hello (response): wa alaykum assalam
Goodbye (person leaving): Besslema
Goodbye (person staying): alla ysalmak
Good morning: sabaH ala-kheir
Good afternoon: sabah al-nour
Good night: tisbah ala-kheir
Welcome: ahlan wa sahlan OR marhaba
Thank You....Shukran (or aaeshik in tunisien)
No Thank You ...La Shukran
Please ... Min Fadhlik ( or amon)
Please ... Min Fadhlik ( or amon)
do you have ...aandik
I have...aandi
good morning...sbalkir
good night...aalakir
what's your name?...shismek?
my name is...ena ismi
How much?...Qadesh?
oh god...ya rabbi
in the name of god...bisme'allah
thank god...hamdoulilah

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