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Shopping in Hammamet Medina

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  • 06 03, 2016
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Hammamet: Souvenir Shops inside the Media
Hammamet: pottery making inside the Media
Hammamet: pottery Shop inside the Media
Hammamet: pottery Shopping market
Hammamet: souvenir shops
Hammamet: souvenir shops
Hammamet: spices shops

In the Medina: There are many shops in side the Medina where you can find numerous products.

Do not accept unofficial guidance. They try to get you to their houses or shops. Simply do not listen to them and stay away from them.

What to buy: There are too many things to buy: puffs, woman dress and small figures and gifts. Additional, you can buy dried scorpions, snakes etc. from desert, beautiful plates or tea sets and oriental products. There are carpets, hand made crafts and souvenirs.

What to pay: Every tourist going to Tunisia have to learn how to negotiate or pay ranging from 2 times to 5 times than actual price. At first it was a bit hard, but do not be in a hurry and enjoy negotiation. Sellers are very friendly and helpful.

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