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  • 31 01, 2016
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Sbeitla is a city in north-central Tunisia. Nearby are the Roman ruins of Sufetula, containing the best preserved Forum temples in Tunisia. It was the entry point of the Muslim conquest of North Africa and south of Europe.

Sbeitla is the capital of the largest delegation in Kasserine Governorate with an area of 1133.5 km2. It is located in 33 km in the west of the governorate, and 264 km to Tunis. It has a population of 20,253 (2004 estimate).

This is pretty much most of a major late Roman and Byzantine town, with paved roads in situ, as well as the walls and ground plans of most of the buildings there, including fabulous mosaic floors and wall decoration in places.

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Do hunt out the following:

  • Theatre buildings
  • Churches - some with fantastic decorated baptisteries
  • Fortified Byzantine houses, hinting at the terror they lived under fending off Arab invaders
  • the Forum - a fantastic space with Temples and entrance portal still standing

Be aware of:

  • dehydration is a real threat as with anywhere this hot!
  • only toilet and refreshments are across the road next to the museum buildings
  • if you are driving and travelling alone, be prepared to give lifts to loads of hitch-hiking policemen! :)

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